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Voluntary Submission to Criminal Violence (Read 820 times)
Dr. Bruce Eimer
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Voluntary Submission to Criminal Violence
Feb 23rd, 2010 at 5:46pm
Just in from John Farnam

18 Feb 10

The "VSCV" Factor, from a friend and colleague:

"There is a critical difference between being injured as a result of an
accident, as opposed to an act of criminal violence.

When I fall off a ladder and break my leg, although in pain, I'm laughing
at my clumsiness the next day.  Conversely, when I suffer the same injury
as the result of some two-bit thug who first pistol-whipped me, and then shot
me  before departing with my wallet, I will forever curse myself for
allowing a  scumbag to terrorize me and my family.

The critical difference is the 'Voluntary Submission to Criminal Violence'

That is the part that scars victims for life, the realization that they,
for whatever reason, willfully allowed themselves to be vulnerable, and that
someone would be evil enough to perpetrate such a malignant act.

Victims of violent crime experience genuine terror, and it never  ends!
They don't laugh at themselves the next day, nor any day!  They  forever blame
themselves for being weak, naive, self-righteously stupid, and
intentionally unprepared.  No amount of rationalization eases the  pain!  They vainly
long for the opportunity to 'do it over,' but it is  forever denied them!

And, past-tense 'justice,' at long-last meted-out by the criminal-justice
system, is ever of scant consolation!

The exception is the select few of us who regularly go armed and are
trained and prepared to use deadly force when necessary.  When confronting
violent criminals, we may be inconvenienced, even hurt physically, but we are
not psychologically ruined.

The next day, we are apprehensive and anxious, but we have a
deeply-satisfying sense of personal pride for being able and willing to boldly,  and
successfully, stand up to depraved felons.

We are more apt to feel like wounded warriors, than raped sheep."

Comment: I don't thick that represents much of a choice!

They're not getting me without a fight!

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Big Mickey
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Re: Voluntary Submission to Criminal Violence
Reply #1 - Feb 24th, 2010 at 12:49pm
Exactly!  I just never gave it a name before, other than to observe that some folks just have a wussy gene in their makeup.  I like his definition better -- it's classier.
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